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Need some free web space or coding for a small fannish project? You can choose from several domain names that I share, maintain and pay for, or I can work with your own domain name or hosting. Just get in touch via one of the sites linked above and tell me about your fannish project!

If you're like me, a media fan looking to host your own small-scale projects or a few pages of fanfic or other fanworks, I recommend using Namecheap. (This isn't an affiliate/ad link - just an honest rec, impoverished fan to impoverished fan!) Scroll to the bottom of their page to see their promos. Check in around the major US holidays or Black Friday/Cyber Monday and there can be some spectacular deals on shared hosting and domain names.

The price shoots up after the first year, as with most commercial shared hosting, but still works out cheaper than a lot of other hosts. Also unlike most other hosts, they have sane pricing if you want to pay by the month instead of by the year. Moving to a new host after the first year, then coming back later to claim a new Namecheap "first year" bargain, has worked out well for my smaller websites. WibblyWobblyWritery.com is one of them!